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Courtesy of Tourisme Montréal

May 19 to 23, 2020 – Montréal, QC

PACT’s annual conference is our primary development and networking event which brings together arts professionals from all across Canada. The connections made and conversations sparked at the conference carry through the rest of the year and often spark creative partnerships, mentorships and joint projects. It is also when we have our Annual General Meeting.

Whether this is your first or tenth time attending the conference, there will be something engaging for you. Please visit our learning and schedule pages to see the breakout sessions we have planned and when formal networking events (regions & caucus meetings) are scheduled.

Each year the PACT conference is held in a different city across Canada and this year we will be in Montreal which is the unceded territory of the Kanienkéha:ka Nation and is known in the Mohawk language as Tiohtià:ke, which means “broken in two” because of the way the river breaks around it. We are grateful to be able to convene on this land, which has been a site of human activity for thousands of years, to talk, learn and create art.

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