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Who’s joining us at PACTcon2019 in Saskatoon & Meacham?

Delegates are listed alphabetically by company. This page was last updated on March 18.

  • Gina Puntil, Artistic Director, Alberta Workers’ Health Centre
  • Rachael King, General Manager, Blyth Festival
  • Jay Dodge, Artistic Producer, Boca del Lupo
  • Ginette Caron, Administrator, Cercle Molière
  • Kathy Allen, Arts and Grants Consultant, City of Saskatoon
  • Steven Karcher, Executive Director, Drayton Entertainment
  • Max Reimer, General Manager, Drayton Entertainment
  • Camilla Tibbs, Executive Director, Gateway Theatre
  • Mike Payette, Artistic Director, Geordie Theatre
  • Kathryn Westoll, Managing Director, Geordie Theatre
  • Lyndee Hansen, Production Manager, Grand Theatre
  • Hugh Neilson, Managing Director, Great Canadian Theatre Company
  • Rachel Aberle, Associate Artistic Director, Green Thumb Theatre
  • Breanne Harmon, General Manager, Green Thumb Theatre
  • Patrick McDonald, Artistic Director, Green Thumb Theatre
  • Pablo Felices-Luna, Artistic Director, Manitoba Theatre for Young People
  • Debra Zoerb, General Manager, Manitoba Theatre for Young People
  • Matt Moreau, Managing Producer, Neworld Theatre
  • Eleanor Antoncic, Labour Relations Manager, PACT
  • Tabitha Keast, HR Specialist, PACT
  • Zachary Moull, Communications & Membership Associate, PACT
  • Mirette A. Shoeir, Membership & Communications Manager, PACT
  • Boomer Stacey, Interim Executive Director / Conference Producer / Learning & Networking, PACT
  • Richard Wolfe, Artistic Director, Pi Theatre
  • Lesley Bramhill, General Manager, Playwrights Workshop Montreal
  • Thomas Jones, Artistic Director, Prairie Theatre Exchange
  • Tracey Loewen, General Manager, Prairie Theatre Exchange
  • Camilla Holland, Executive Director, Royal Manitoba Theatre Centre
  • Russell Martin, Director of Production, Royal Manitoba Theatre Centre
  • Alison Darcy, Co-Artistic Director, Scapegoat Carnivale
  • Jon Rondeau, General Manager, Segal Centre for Performing Arts
  • David Auster, Producer, Stratford Festival
  • Bonnie Green, Associate Producer, Stratford Festival
  • Vikki Anderson, Artistic Director, Theatrefront
  • Amy Strilchuk, General Manager, Touchstone Theatre
  • Rose Brow, Executive Director, Vertigo Theatre
  • Nikki Giguere, Company Manager, Vertigo Theatre
  • Evelyn Goj, Director of Marketing & Communications, Vertigo Theatre
  • Craig Hall, Artistic Director, Vertigo Theatre
  • Sam McLean, Assistant Producer, Winnipeg Jewish Theatre
  • Ari Weinberg, Artistic & Managing Director, Winnipeg Jewish Theatre
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