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Tipping Point

Across the country, companies have been adapting and innovating the ways they make theatre as new leaders take the reins. Our artistic practices are becoming more collaborative and driven by the communities we serve. This calls for new ways of working for artists, managers, and everyone involved in our sector.

But this is not the only way Canadian theatre is evolving. The climate crisis has become a defining issue of our time. And as banners at climate change protests this past year have read, there is “No theatre on a dead planet.”

We’ve reached a tipping point. Urgent conversations are happening in Canada and internationally about how theatre can respond to the crisis, both in terms of the art we make and the ways we make it. At PACTcon2020, we’ll explore our sector’s ecological footprint, share innovative practices for sustainability in the arts, and form collective goals for the future.

Now is the time to plan for change, uncertainty, and evolution. Let’s work together for the good of our art and our planet.

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