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Joining PACT FAQs


We are happy to report that it is simple and straightforward. You fill out an application online. You will be asked to provide the names of two references for your company, last year’s financial statements, a list of your board of directors and your bylaws. The online calculator will give you an estimate of your membership dues.

Once we receive your application we will contact your references. Your application is first reviewed by the Membership & Engagement committee and then by PACT’s Board of Directors.
We will then be in touch to welcome you into the membership,and you will be able to access PACT’s resources and connect to our peer networks.

Remember if you get stuck at any stage in the process PACT’s Membership & Communications Associate, Josh Marchesini, is on hand to help you.

Individual and Organizational Colleagues

It’s very easy! Organizational colleagues fill out an online application and provide two references. Your application will be reviewed by our Membership & Engagement Committee. Once it has been approved then we will connect you to our peer networks and get you set-up with all you need to access PACT’s benefits.

Individual Colleagues also apply online, but are asked to provide only one reference, their application is approved automatically and they are able to create member accounts once they have paid their annual membership fee.

Absolutely! Member dues are a sliding scale based on an average of each member’s annual gross revenues for the past three years. We want to ensure that there are no financial barriers to becoming a PACT member. If you have concerns about this please contact PACT’s Membership & Communications Associate, Josh Marchesini.

Yes you can! If you would like to connect with your peers via our region or caucus networks or sit on a committee then you might want to consider becoming a PACT Colleague. As a colleague you would still be able to access a lot of our benefits such as our Learning and Networking events.

Educational institutions or non-producing companies can apply to become Organizational Colleagues. Individuals who may have been working with PACT as part of their organization and are now in between jobs can continue to be involved as Individual Colleagues. Students may also apply as Individual Colleagues.