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The Future of Storytelling

Once upon a time, a long, long, time ago, in a land, far, far away… there was a story…

As a community of theatre makers, we are storytellers. We share our stories to engage, to teach, to provoke and inspire, to tell who we are and what we do it and how we do it. Stories are told around campfires and watercoolers, from the stage, in the streets, under trees, in the board room and through an ever-evolving menu of social media.

So what will stories sound like tomorrow? Whose voices will be heard and what will they tell us? What medium will they use or where will we find the stories of tomorrow? What has to change in order for new storytellers to emerge and to be heard? How will the new democracy of storytelling (social media) change what stories we hear? How do we ensure authenticity in sharing the stories with our audiences? What are the right questions to be asked?

Join us at PACTcon2018 in Ottawa and explore the thread of storytelling past, present and future. What story will you tell?

Keynote Address

Our keynote guest will be Kevin Loring, Artistic Director of the National Arts Centre – Indigenous Theatre.

Conference Sessions

PACTcon2018 actively encourages participation from the entire professional theatre community.  Each conference explores perspectives in an effort for individuals, companies and organizations to come together from across Canada to participate in discussion, dialogue and debate.

PACTcon2018 Learning Sessions include:

  • Relaxed Performance Training
  • Exploring Digital Arts in the Creative Process
  • Arts Industry Benchmarking
  • Cross-Border Hopping – What You Need to Know
  • Creating Healthy Spaces / Investigating Harassment
  • Telling Your Company’s Story

And many more! See the full conference schedule here.

PLEASE NOTE: Programming and Schedule subject to change.

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