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Green Award


A new initiative of the Environmental Stewardship Committee, the PACT Green Award honours programming from companies and/or artists that inspires theatre workers and theatregoers to engage with the climate crisis and environmental stewardship in creative and exciting ways. Projects could include theatrical productions, events, or initiatives that demonstrate an outstanding commitment to taking action against climate change and/or fostering sustainable practices. You do not need to be a PACT member to be eligible. 

The Green Award seeks to recognize projects that:

The Award includes:


The Green Award jury is nominated by the PACT Environmental Stewardship Committee. Special care is given to select jurors who represent not only different fields of practice within the arts community, but also different regions of the country. 

After the applications have closed, the Green Award Subcommittee does an audit of the applications, and ensures there are no conflicts of interest within the jury. 

Then, the jury reviews all applications, and scores each project on Innovation, Impact, Sustainability/Re-Creation, and Capacity. 

The jury then selects the application with the highest score as the winner and two runner ups to have their work highlighted alongside of the winner of the award. All jury deliberations are strictly confidential.

Apply now to the 2023 PACT Green Award

Deadline: September 30, 2023 at 11:59pm


Please consider supporting the PACT Green Award by visiting our donations page.

For more information, including how to nominate someone or eligibility criteria for the award and selection jury, contact Chair of the Environmental Stewardship Committee, Laura Caswell, Director of Education at Neptune Theatre at or PACT Program Associate Panthea Vatandoost at


2022 - The Only Animal Theatre Company; Runner ups: Soulpepper Theatre, and Dr. Dennis Gupa. 

Read the 2022 Green Award Press Release