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PACTcon 2024


May 29 to June 1 – Montreal / Tiohtià:ke

Theatre thrives on connection. It’s the collaborative energy of artists in the rehearsal hall, the spark between audience and performers as the curtain rises, and the deep conversations that linger long after the final bow. It’s at the heart of the work we do to engage with our communities, and for many of us, it’s the reason why we continue the struggle to make art even in difficult times.

Montreal / Tiohtià:ke, where the rivers meet, has been a gathering place since time immemorial. PACTcon 2024 brings together theatre leaders from across Canada at a critical time for the vitality and renewal of our practices. We’ll learn from our Quebec member companies and their distinct challenges as an official language minority, and connect with the vibrant Francophone theatre community whose path runs parallel to ours. The encounters will stretch beyond our borders in partnership with Festival TransAmériques, the largest performing arts festival in North America, which brings international artists and productions from all around the world.

Genuine connection requires time and space, authenticity and intentionality. How do we show up for each other better? How can the artistic and managerial sides of our organizations walk hand in hand towards new ways of working for a challenging new era? As we reinvent our models, reinvigorate our processes, and rebuild our sector together, what new points of connection will we uncover?

PACTcon 2024 is an open invitation to experience groundbreaking art and harness the creative energy of truly being together. Join us for an unforgettable rendezvous with your colleagues near and far. 

What is PACTcon?

PACT's annual gathering is an opportunity to share vital experiences and build genuine connections with your theatre colleagues from across Canada. The conversations started at the event carry through the rest of the year and often spark creative partnerships, mentorships, and joint projects.

The annual gathering is open to theatre leaders and other staff at PACT Member Companies and PACT Colleagues, as well as anyone from beyond the membership who would like to attend. Theatre artists, managers, administrators, and board members are all encouraged to join us. The more voices in the room, the richer our conversations will be.

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