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Apply for a Travel Subsidy to PACTcon 2024

PACTcon travel subsidies are funded by the membership and support travel costs for PACTcon attendees who could not otherwise join the gathering.

Most years, the total amount requested exceeds the money available. We make our best efforts to provide some support to all in need, with subsidies typically ranging from $300 to $750, but the amounts we can offer depend on the quantity of donations and the volume of requests.

To help our limited pool of funds stretch further, we ask that applicants:

When determining subsidy amounts, we aim to align with PACT's strategic priorities and broaden the diversity of voices at PACTcon. If the agenda for the Annual General Meeting includes voting on a negotiated agreement, we try to help Regular Member companies (the signatories to those agreements) that need support to send a delegate to the vote. Additionally, we will prioritize:

Travel subsidy applications closed on Wednesday, March 20. We will notify recipients soon.