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The Fund is designed to help recipients with travel and accommodation expenses. It doesn’t go towards the conference registration, that is covered by the recipient.

Each year the Travel Subsidy Fund, supported entirely through your donations, enables a number of your colleagues, who are PACT members, to attend the conference by helping them with associated travel costs. Applications are open until April 13 5.00pm ET.

To apply for a travel subsidy your company must qualify in the following ways:

  • Your PACT member company must be in good standing with dues
  • Preference will be given to companies that did not receive a subsidy last year
  • Subsidies are usually given to enable one staff person only per organization to attend
  • Companies must be located more than 300 km from MontrĂ©al
  • By accepting a travel subsidy, you agree to register for the conference

Through the use of the Travel Subsidy Fund 9 people were able to join us for the 2018 PACT Conference in Ottawa and 13 people were able to come to the conference in Saskatoon. Consider Making a Donation Today!

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