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Contributing to the Fund

Each year, thanks to the generosity of fellow PACT members, a number of travel subsidies are available to assist PACT members in good standing with the travel costs associated with attending the AGM and Conference.

Through the use of the Travel Subsidy Fund 11 people were able to come to the 2017 PACT conference in Charlottetown and 16 people were able to come to the 2016 PACT Conference in Calgary, AB.

Can your company help?

In order to ensure that as many colleagues as possible can participate, we are asking our members to contribute as generously as your budgets allow – any and all amounts contributed to the Travel Subsidy Fund are greatly appreciated, since the Travel Subsidy Fund is run exclusively on contributions from PACT member companies.

Applying for Travel Support

To apply for a travel subsidy you/your company must qualify in the following ways:

  • Your PACT member company must be in good standing with dues
  • Preference will be given to companies that did not receive a subsidy last year
  • Subsidies are usually given to enable one staff person only per organization to attend
  • Companies must be located more than 400¬†kms from Ottawa
  • By accepting a travel subsidy, you agree to register for the conference
  • Applicant companies must be able to contribute towards expected expenses (this amount is proportionate to the theatre’s operating budget but at a minimum theatres are expected to pay for registration)
  • Of course, special situations are regularly considered

Applications for 2018 travel subsidies are now closed.

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